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205 For, 228 Against — WTF???

Can you believe what is happening in Congress?

We’re in a financial situation that Republican Hank Paulson said was disastrous and needed to be handled immediately, if not sooner.  We were speechified by our Republican president, who said we needed this bailout.  A bipartisan group of Congressional leaders said, yes, we need this and we need it now and came up with a bill.  And what happens?  One hundred thirty-three (133) House Republicans prevented the bill from passing by voting NAY.

And what is their excuse — I mean, reason for doing this?  Democrat Nancy Pelosi hurt their feelings by laying this whole huge problem at the feet of the Big Spender, Republican George Bush.  Excuse me, but did he not inherit a huge surplus from that bad ole Democrat Bill Clinton?   Did Republican Bush manage to turn this surplus into a deficit so large that you and I can’t even begin to conceive that we could ever imagine that we could understand how big that deficit is?  And Republican Bush did it in only two years!  I thought Republicans were supposed to be thrifty and didn’t like the government spending their reluctantly paid taxes.

Meanwhile, it appears that there are televisions in the various stock markets, and they were all watching them as the voting in the House was taking place.  In fact, the Dow Jones seemed to be in sync with the voting, dropping as the no votes accumulated.  Biggest drop in history — down by 748.  Oops, as I glance over at the TV, it’s now 10365.45, down by 777.68.  Paulson is pissed, almost frantic.

Now, I know that the American people are mad that we have been put in this position.  They are mad that so many Wall Street regulars are greedy bastards and don’t want to bail them out without punishment.  I kinda feel the same way. But I think we need to make sure that this country doesn’t come to a grinding halt.  Let’s fix this problem now, and on election day, just a short time away, let’s show the greedy bastards how we feel by throwing the bums out.  It was Republicans on Wall Street that caused this problem and Republicans in the House that didn’t fix the problem, so let’s just vote a straight Democratic ticket.

The smaller Republican Party has traditionally been the party of the leaders, the managers, the rich.  The larger Democratic Party has traditionally been the party of the working man.  Things began to get really messed up when the Republicans started trying to add more members and held their noses while offering a welcoming hand to people they wouldn’t normally associate with.  Wise up, people!  The Republicans have had their turn at leading the country, and they and their Fearless Leader have lead the country down the toilet!.  Flush ’em and let’s get some Democrats in there to do the job that needs doing.

Either way you decide to vote, it’s going to take time to recover from this.  Better start now.


2 responses

  1. Jeff

    You conveniently neglected to mention that 95 democrats also voted against the bill. That amounts to 40% of democrats in opposition. The democrats could have passed this bill entirely on their own without any help from the republicans, but they didn’t have the guts because the issue is so toxic. Before you blame the republicans for all the world’s problems perhaps you should ask why your party of “fearless leaders” did not pass the bill themselves.

    29 September 2008 at 6:00 pm

  2. fingerstx

    I live in a country ruled for the last eight years by Republicans. I live in a Republican state. In the last eight years, I have been laid off from a hospital (badly run) and gone from earning a respectable hourly wage to receiving unemployment, to taking early retirement, to being as poor as a damn church mouse. It all happened on the Republican watch. So who should I blame for bad economic conditions? The Democrats?!? I think not!

    30 September 2008 at 12:15 pm

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