Adventures in Retirement

A New Direction

Now that the election is over, perhaps we can spend some time trying to heal our people’s frazzled spirits, our country, and our world.  So let’s think about living in homes that cost little to maintain, that are heated and cooled by natural resources — the sun, the earth, the rain.

Several years ago I ran across my first Earthship via the Internet.  The idea is logical and solid.  The benefits are many.  If we could put to work some of the younger out-of-work folks to build homes like these for folks who have no homes, it would help the homeless, give work to a lot of people, gives folks a self-sufficient home with little or no utility bills and, depending on financial arrangements, perhaps no mortgage. Kind of like a 21st Century WPA program.

The videos at will show you the basics and give you a feel for the aesthetics of Earthships. The underlying principle is recycling our trash and found items and using our natural resources in the most efficient way to create homes that are functional, comfortable, and cost less to maintain.

To get more detailed information on cost, floorplans, and instructions, please visit


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