Adventures in Retirement

What’s happening…

Hi! I put aside blogging for a while and have spent the last couple of years playing around with some really neat 3D software — Poser. Still learning to use all the many features included in the software, such as animation. I love this stuff because it’s like having a photo studio in a box. The models are tireless and don’t ever complain. I can swing around and get different views of the same subject, zoom in for closeups, pull back and get more of the set/background. It’s so cool. Check out My Poser Place for examples.

If you’re interested, check out, but search for an older version like Poser 7 if you want to try it out for a much reduced price. [See Amazon on the Blogroll to the right.]  The current version is Poser 10, just out recently, but Poser 7 will do you proud until you decide if this is something you really want to pursue.  There is also DAZ Studio 4.6, which is free.  It’s similar to Poser.  It’s currently available for free; however everything else is not — characters, clothing, props, and sets.

I’ve had a book rattling around in my head for the last ten years. I was sort of thinking about using Poser to illustrate it — if I ever get it written. LOL

Until then I’ll keep working on learning lighting and storytelling and posting the more interesting results of my groping in the dark.

Comments and constructive criticism are welcome.


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