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Hurricane Sandy Victims Please Note

Hurricane Sandy from space

Hurricane Sandy from space

As a resident of the Texas Gulf Coast area, I sympathize with anyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. I feel your pain.

I’ve survived two hurricanes, Rita and Ike, and lots of power outages just in the last ten years. The hurricanes usually arrive in hot weather, forcing my husband and me out into the back yard to cool off and to cook on the grill. I remember being shell-shocked during Hurricane Ike when we tried to buy gas and there just wasn’t any to be had at any price. We drove to all the gas stations in the area, staring at the devastation all round us and noting others looking dazed as well.

But the worst result of devastating storms is the loss of communications and not knowing how relief activities are progressing. You can put up with almost anything if you know what’s going on and when it will end. To know some county official is handing out bags of ice, cases of bottled water, and MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) — where to get it and when to be there — is priceless. To be totally in the dark is what makes people angry or makes them feel no one cares.

People do care. Neighbors that you see from time to time but usually don’t take the time to speak to suddenly become a source of news when they return home with bags of food from a local fast-food restaurant and cheerily wave you over to tell you there’s electricity and a hot meal in the next little town over. And if they’ve got power, surely yours will be returning shortly.

As your power is turned back on and life begins to return to normal, or something close to that, would the friends and fans of this site and Left Eye on the Media please check in and share your experiences.

Sending a big Thank You to President Obama and all the other folks who are making a difference in the affected areas. Their response has been quick and thorough. And heartfelt, as befits human beings.

Of Mr. Romney, I can only say this: He’s a liar, a cheapskate, and if he were in charge, you wouldn’t be getting any help from the government at all. Thank God the President of the United States is a Democrat. Be sure to vote.

Here’s hoping that your recovery time is as short as possible.


Hurricane’s Coming

Vintage Galveston Home

Vintage Galveston Home

Hurricane Ike is bearing down on us today. The whole Houston area is in its path, and I am wondering how much damage is going to be done. Historic Galveston will be in the most danger, since it’s on the coast and very low.  The cities will survive, but it’s going to take a lot of work to rebuild and recover.

My hubby and I have made our preparations, so I’m writing this during a rest break.  Just a little more to do.  I’m surprised that at 4 pm CST it looks overcast but bright.  There is no rain yet.  At this moment, there is no wind — that is, I can’t see any trees moving out my window.  We live in the piney woods north of Houston, completely surrounded by pine trees.  I know the winds will come, and I will worry about my 73 pine trees — and of course my house.

Having been through Hurricane Rita, I still remember living out in my back yard while the power was out because it was so hot inside the house.  My worst fear right now is having to do that for possibly two weeks instead of the four days the power was out last time.  I’m mildly allergic to mosquito bites, so that won’t be any fun at all.

We could have packed up and run, but we have two large dogs, one little dog, and two cats.  All of us won’t even fit into the car at the same time.  I picked out that particular Hyundai because I could get two cat carriers into the back seat, end to end.  Since that time, several years ago, my husband and I acquired the dogs.  Unfortunately, the cats suffer the dogs to exist, knowing that they were here first, and I just can’t picture all five of them sitting across the back seat, cheek to jowl, without spitting, scratching and barking.  Oh, my!  I can’t take them to a shelter or a hotel, and I’m not going to leave them behind.  Don’t have a carrier for a lab or a retriever.  Wish I had a van big enough to carry all of us north.

If the power lasts a while, I may post again.  We’ll see how it goes….