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Where are my hip boots?

I’ve been looking for a job probably 12 hours a day ever since early July, but most of the time I have been knee deep in scams and cons, only to find a few genuine offers. I read somewhere the ratio of scams to real jobs is about 30:1. I don’t think it’s that good — it’s more like 100:1.

All I want is a real job transcribing digital files at home and returning the finished product via email or some sort of upload. I know there are jobs of this sort out there. I used to do it myself, before my last job.  I guess there are a lot of unemployed or underemployed men and women out there trying to do the same thing, because the competition is fierce.

But the economy is doing so well and unemployment is way down…..NOT!


Oh, Crap!

River Oaks Hospital, formerly Twelve Oaks Medical Center

River Oaks Hospital, formerly Twelve Oaks Medical Center

Someone has really got to do something about the economy. Until July I worked for a mid-sized hospital. In the 13 years I worked there, the hospital was always struggling with diminishing income (Medicare payments, etc.) and increasing demands on its resources. But President Bush and all the media have been saying the economy is doing so well!

My personal experience says they’re misinformed or lying.  Almost all the people I know are also having a bad time in one way or another.  One relative recently lost her job and then got rehired part-time (no benefits, of course).  Another relative thinks his job could go at any time and is keeping his fingers crossed.  The economy is benefiting the haves, and the have-nots keep voting as though they were rich folks.  How very illogical!

Now that I’ve lost my job, I can’t use the mail order prescription house that came tied to my job. I couldn’t afford to buy any medications right now, anyway. It’s too depressing to think about what will happen to our health if I don’t find another job soon. Oh, crap!